“At Royal Goddess Doula, we offer dedicated Doula services, providing continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to mothers before, during, and shortly after childbirth. We aim to empower birthing individuals and their families, ensuring they feel heard, respected, and well-informed throughout the birth process. Whether you’re seeking guidance on birth plans, hands-on comfort techniques, or postpartum support, our trained and compassionate doulas are committed to walking alongside you, ensuring a more informed, confident, and positive childbirth experience.”

* All Birth Doula Services are on a sliding scale*

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Date Night Doula

Date Night Doula
"Introducing our Date Night Services because every parent deserves a well-earned break! Our trained doulas step in to provide trusted care for your little ones, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free evening out. With expertise in infant and child care, we ensure your baby's routine remains uninterrupted, while you get to recharge and reconnect. Whether it's for a romantic dinner, a social gathering, or just some personal time, trust in our dedicated doulas to make your evening seamless. Enjoy your night out, knowing your most precious ones are in capable and nurturing hands."

Overnight Postpartum

Overnight Postpartum (Min of 6 Hrs) "At Royal Goddess Doula, we recognize that nights can be the most challenging for new parents. Our Overnight Postpartum Doula services are specifically designed to provide you with the rest and reassurance you need during those pivotal hours. With a compassionate and experienced doula at your side, you can confidently navigate nighttime feedings, soothing techniques, and sleep routines. We're here to answer any questions, assist with infant care, and ensure both you and your baby have a restful night. Allow us to be your nighttime support, bringing peace of mind during those early weeks of parenthood." Services include - [ ] Tending to baby while you sleep - [ ] Cleaning bottles - [ ] Doing baby’s laundry


Postpartum- an hour (min of 6 hrs) We understand that the journey doesn't end once your baby arrives—it's just the beginning. Our postpartum care services are designed to support, nurture, and empower new parents during the transformative period following childbirth. From providing evidence-based information on infant care and breastfeeding to offering emotional support and self-care techniques. Services include - [ ] Tending to baby - [ ] Cleaning bottles - [ ] Doing baby’s laundry