What if you felt in control of your pregnancy and birth?
Welcome to Royal Goddess Doula! My name is Menita Brown, you can call me Nita. I am a certified doula with a background in childcare and the sole proprietor/owner of Royal Goddess Doula. I have spent the last year and a half passionately supporting families through one of life’s most transformative experiences, bringing a new soul into the world.
Birth is an amazing journey! It is physical, emotional and spiritual. It is powerful and life changing.
Before and during labor I offer informational, emotional, and physical support, helping her to navigate the changes and choices of birth today. I bring many skills and tools to your birth, including massage, positioning and comfort measures to support your labor.

Aphrodite Package-Goddess of Fertility

=> 1 Prenatal
=> Labor and delivery support
=> 1 postpartum


Hera Package-Goddess of Marriage & Birth

=> 4 Prenatal
=> Labor and delivery support
=> 4 postpartum


Date Night Doula

Introducing our Date Night Services because every parent deserves a well-earned break! Our trained doulas step in to provide trusted care for your little ones, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free evening out.


Eileithyia Package- Goddess of Childbirth & Pregnancy

=> 2 Prenatal
=> Labor and delivery support
=> 2 postpartum



We understand that the journey doesn’t end once your baby arrives—it’s just the beginning. Our postpartum care services are designed to support, nurture, and empower new parents during the transformative period following childbirth


Tyche-Package-Goddess of Chance & Fortune

=> 3 Prenatal
=> Labor and delivery support
=> 3 postpartum


Overnight Postpartum

At Royal Goddess Doula, we recognize that nights can be the most challenging for new parents. Our Overnight Postpartum Doula services are specifically designed to provide you with the rest and reassurance you need during those pivotal hours.

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